Checks & Balances is a student-run magazine with a focus on current events, politics, economics, human rights, technology, conflict and security, among other internationally oriented topics.

Our goal is to open up new perspectives on what’s going on around the world, and to provide new viewpoints on important global topics. We publish three print editions throughout our academic year, as well as updating our website every Monday and Friday. We hope you enjoy our articles as much as we have enjoyed cooking, dancing, drinking and writing together to bring you our finished product!

Stay tuned for more articles and insights! With love, the Checks & Balances family ♡

The 2022-2023 Editorial Board:

Isabella Taylor Earhart Reporter
Hey! I’m Izzy, or Is, and I am a first year from the United States! Aside from journalism, which holds a special place in my heart, I love travelling, spending time with family, and just about any activity outdoors! You will almost always find me chatting in a big group of people, with a huge smile on my face. As a reporter in Checks & Balances, I conduct interviews with Anna, so don’t be shy and email us at if you feel like you could be an interesting feature!

Anna Aragoncillo Barcelo Reporter
Hi there! Welcome to Checks & Balances! I’m Anna, one of C&B’s reporters and I come from Mallorca, in Spain. I personally love the whole process of writing, reading and editing, although some people find it a bit tedious (not me though 🙂 I also love cooking and taking walks through the park, which I do more than I should. As a reporter, I make sure to conduct any interviews for Checks & Balances, so don’t be shy to email us at if you feel like you could be an interesting feature!

Thomas Huismann Acquisition/ Treasurer
Hello everyone! My name is Thomas, second year, and I am one of only two Dutch members of Checks & Balances this year. I am the treasurer and acquisitioner of the committee, which means that I am responsible for acquiring additional funds for the committee and for keeping an eye on the finances. 

Carla Goltings Lay-out Editor
I am Carla, 22 years old and from North-Germany. I am in my second year of the IRIO (BA) program. As part of the creative team I am happy to not only share journalistic pieces on political topics, in my case in the areas of identity, feminism and community, but help to make our articles look wonderful in printed form. You shall not judge a magazine by its layout but if it’s done well it won’t hurt!

Sophia Angelova Lay-out Editor
Hi everyone! I am Sophia and currently in my second year. Originally I come from Bulgaria but I lived in Germany for 8 years. I have always had a passion for writing and am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Checks&Balances. I hope you guys enjoy this year’s issues and the page designs!

Paul Johann Lindhorst PR und Multimedia
Hi! My name is Johann from Germany and I am happy to be one of the PRs at “ChecksandBalances” magazine. I love photo- and videography as well as writing about politics and technology. Furthermore, going out with friends, driving and traveling are my hobbies. Enjoy our publications of 2022/23!   

Koen Moerman PR
My name is Koen and I am a first year IR student in Groningen. I am eager to meet new people and cultures, and I like politics and philosophy, that’s why I joined the C&B Committee. For me, it feels like a playground, where I can discuss and express my thoughts on societal issues. Not to mention the great times with fellow-members, and beer drinking detours. In addition, I joined the committee to make Thomas feel less lonely as the former only Dutchie in the group.

Elena Mihaylova Secretary
Hi! I am Eli, a first year IRIO student from Bulgaria. One would think that since I am the Secretary of our committee, I type fast, but everything I write has been long thought through! Aside from trying to create pieces that others would enjoy, I love the research part of journalism, especially in the field of human rights and equality, and learning about how people from different backgrounds perceive the world. Moreover, I always try to look at the psychological aspect behind today’s hot topics.

Erin Deandra Murdiadi Editor-in-Chief
Hi! My name is Erin, Editor-in-Chief of the ‘22-’23 Checks Editorial Staff, and currently a third year student. I’m from Indonesia but I’ve been moving around my whole life. As Editor-in-Chief I coordinate our team to publish our print edition as well as our online articles and ensure everything runs smoothly. I love bringing attention to topics that may not be as talked about in Western society and hope that it can be as exciting for the readers.

Kimberly Volbeda Board Representative
Hey everyone! My name is Kim and I am the Board Representative of the “Checks&Balances” Editorial Staff. As a Board member, my responsibility in the committee is to ensure the organization and planning of the events and publications is in accordance with the association itself! But also, more importantly, for the good vibes 😉 If you ever have any questions at all feel free to DM me at @studyassociationclio on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn!

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