I am Carla, 22 years old and from North-Germany. I am in my second year of the IRIO (BA) program. As part of the creative team I am happy to not only share journalistic pieces on political topics, in my case in the areas of identity, feminism and community, but help to make our articles look wonderful in printed form. You shall not judge a magazine by its layout but if it’s done well it won't hurt!

Did You See the TikTok about Macron?

Do we need to be fluent in memes to keep up with political discourse? Cheese, bread and food in general – the French might be experts in cuisine but what

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Eating Frikandel Speciaal and Drinking Chocomel is Activism

Enjoying a frikandel speciaal with a nice glass of Chocomel might sound like a quick and easy lunch the Dutch way. But can it be an act of activism? How

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