Coen is a fourth year International Relations student. Focusing on Technology, Philosophy and Politics, he tries to bring you interesting articles that challenge your view of the world and hopefully make you look towards the future. In his personal life his greatest joy is playing Lacrosse for the Groningen Gladiators

No More Singing Protest

I had the pleasure of watching the documentary Searching for Sugar Man last week. A movie that focuses on the life of the biggest rock icon America has never had. Despite a

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United Nations Super Heroes: has Superman decided to renounce his American citizenship?

The comic book superhero, perhaps one of the most “American” inventions of the 20th century. At the eve of World War II, the ‘golden age’ of the American comics began

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On Banks, Occupation, and Building a Better Tomorrow…

Before the 1970s, banks were just that – banks. They did what banks were supposed to do in a capitalist state economy. What that is? They took unused funds from

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